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Lotze Insulation Design specializes in installing spray foam insulation for commercial properties, including factories, malls, stores, farms, work complexes, offices, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums and more. We have over 30 years of experience with insulating all kinds of commercial properties to cut down on energy bills, protect buildings from excess moisture and mold exposure, keep tenants comfortable year-round and so much more. We work with businesses throughout New York, including Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and surrounding areas.


Why Does My Business Need to be Insulated?

Whether you operate a coffee shop or an apartment complex, good insulation is an important component for your commercial property. No matter what kind of building you own, there are many small openings in hard-to-reach places. Conditioned air can escape through these openings and natural air can enter them. While this might not seem bad at first, this can cause many problems during periods of extreme temperatures. When it gets cold outside, the cold natural air can enter through these openings and the warm air from your heating equipment can escape, causing you to crank up your heater in order to maintain comfortable temperatures. Likewise, hot summer air will leak into your business and cool conditioned air will escape, meaning your A/C will have to consume more energy in order to keep down the temperature inside your business. Not only does this waste energy, but it also causes you to spend more money on energy bills, which can cut into your business’ profits.
Letting in air from outside can also let in excess moisture, which can turn into mold and mildew damage if you don’t take care of the problem. Additionally, pests such as mice and rats might enter your building through openings and make nests behind your walls and other areas. By not sealing off these openings will insulation, you can make your building susceptible to property damage from mold exposure, rodent droppings and many other problems. Fixing your building can be a hassle and very expensive.

How Spray Foam Insulation can Benefit Your Business:

Closed cell spray foam insulation

By using closed cell spray foam insulation to seal off these openings, we can create an impermeable barrier that keeps conditioned air in and outside air out. It also stops moisture and rodents in their tracks. Not only will your business stay more comfortable while using less energy, it also helps your building last longer without worrying about structural issues. At Lotze, we offer guaranteed work and the best price per square inch on spray foam in upstate NY, which is why many businesses have counted on our workmanship for over 30 years. With high-quality work and top-notch spray foam equipment—as well as highly-rated products from SES Nexseal and Rhino Linings—we create amazing results on every project, no matter the size or difficulty.

For store owners, a more comfortable indoor temperature can create a more positive experience for shoppers, as well as improve employee satisfaction

For restaurants, the added protection from moisture and rodents not only makes your patrons happy, but it can also protect the shelf life of your inventory, including ingredients, cooking equipment and more

For office managers, comfort indoor temperatures can help you employees be more productive

If you own a farm, the added protection from excess heat, cold and moisture inside any buildings you operate can help protect your livestock and agricultural equipment

For hotel owners, comfortable indoor temperatures can help your guests enjoy their stay and help you cut down on energy bills, while moisture and rodent protection can help you save money on maintenance costs

For those who own condominiums and rental properties, having properly insulated properties can be a huge plus for buyers and renters and make it easier to sell condos or rent out apartments

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