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If you need your walls insulated, count on Lotze Insulation Design! Since 1977, we’ve insulated interior and exterior walls for homeowners throughout Rochester, NY and the surrounding communities in order to reduce heating and cooling costs, prevent condensation and mold, reduce noise pollution throughout the home and more. We offer both fiberglass insulation and fiberglass and closed-cell spray foam insulation, so you can pick the material that best meets your needs.


Why is Wall Insulation Important?

Air leakage can happen through openings in your walls. During the winter, warm air from your heater can escape into the outside atmosphere, causing you to turn up your heater and use more energy. During the summer, warm air from the outside can enter your home, causing you to turn up your air conditioner to stay comfortable. This can raise your electric bill and force you to spend more money just to avoid getting too hot or too cold.
In addition, insulating your walls can also keep away outside moisture and protect the structural integrity of your home from moisture and mold damage.
Many homes built before 1972 don’t have insulated walls—and it usually catches homeowners by surprise! Keeping your walls insulated has so many benefits, but it’s something many people don’t even consider.

Did You Know Wall Insulation Helps With Soundproofing?

Insulation is good for more than just saving you money

Insulation is good for more than just saving you money—it also helps reduce the noise that travels throughout your home. By injecting insulation into interior walls that surround bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms and more, you can create a layer of wall that absorbs sound. That way, you can enjoy movies in your home theatre room, have a private conversation or sing as loud as you want in the shower without worrying about people outside the room hearing you!

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