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  Improving your home’s ventilation

At Lotze Insulation Design, we’re not just experts at insulation—we also know the best practices for improving your home’s ventilation. We’ve helped homeowners throughout Rochester, NY and the surrounding communities install products that provide reliable ventilation solutions since 1977. By improving your home’s ventilation, you can save money on heating and cooling costs and help your roof last longer. If your home needs proper ventilation, call us at 585-328-1580.


Why Ventilation Matters

Ventilation allows stale air to leave your home and allows fresh air to come in. Keeping stale air in your home can lower your indoor air quality and cause you and your loved ones to feel unwell.
Proper ventilation is especially important in your attic. The warm air in your home rises upward, so any indoor air—including conditioned air from your heater—will eventually rise all the way up to the attic. If this air gets trapped in your attic during the winter, then it can melt the snow and ice on your roof. Not only does this result in water and moisture damage on your roof and eventually lead to mold and mildew growths, but the melted snow can trickle down into your gutters and refreeze, which can clog your gutters and create a bigger mess. During the summer, the warm air in your attic will eventually trickle down into the lower levels of your home if there’s no proper ventilation, forcing you to use more power through your cooling system to stay comfortable.

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